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Jets Offseason Rumors: Jason Cole Discusses Quarterback Situation

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Cole provided some buzz on the current state of the Jets' quarterback situation.

I am not sure any of this is groundbreaking stuff. Generally speaking, people seemed to know the Jets are thinking in the $7-9 million short-term range for Ryan Fitzpatrick, while Fitzpatrick wants a commitment around $16 million. It also would hardly be a shock if the team did not have belief in the abilities of Bryce Petty or Geno Smith to handle the job. Petty is a major project. It is probably unrealistic to think he could step into a starting job in his second season. As for Smith, any praise Mike Maccagnan or Todd Bowles have given in the offseason has seemed very muted.

For alternatives, Mike Glennon is a guy who would make a lot of sense to me. He has experience playing decently in the NFL in some hopeless situations. I don't think he ever got a fair shake in Tampa Bay. The Bucs inexplicably committed themselves to Josh McCown after Glennon showed some signs of promise as a rookie. Then the Bucs moved on in a much easier to understand decision, drafting Jameis Winston. Glennon is entering the last year of his contract and is likely to move on to a place where he can get more playing time. The Bucs might want to get something in return.