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Jets Draft Rumors: Team Shows Interest in Tom Hackett

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets were at Utah's pro day earlier this week and reportedly had their eyes on a punter.

Boyer is not a scout, he is the team's new special teams coordinator. The Jets could clearly use an upgrade over Ryan Quigley as they look to improve upon what was one of the weakest parts of the roster last season.

Hackett averaged 48 yards per punt last season. It is worth noting that he kicked at altitude, but even in games closer to sea level he was pretty good. He had more than one 66 yard punts in road games

With the Jets only holding six picks, it might be tough to spend one on a punter. If they do trade down at some point to acquire more picks or Hackett falls into the land of the undrafted, he would become a very interesting option to replace Quigley.