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GGN Community mock draft (The Mike Mayock Invitational): Slots and updated rules/get on the waitlist

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

These are the selectors for the GGN mock draft:

1. Tennessee Titans- westcoastjet
2. Cleveland Browns- Matt 3
3. San Diego Chargers- NJHockey8
4. Dallas Cowboys- iamtheboag
5. Jacksonville Jaguars- Ram Sinha
6. Baltimore Ravens- bleedsgreen4life
7. San Francisco 49ers- riverside the great
8. Philadelphia Eagles- McDanglez
9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- SioneBAAOOOHA
10. New York Giants- MachlinT
11. Chicago Bears- Ponti
12. New Orleans Saints- zenpo
13. Miami Dolphins- NickSeliga
14. Oakland Raiders- DMAC17
15. Los Angeles Rams- Can't!Wait
16. Detroit Lions- beeteegee19
17. Atlanta Falcons- demercules
18. Indianapolis Colts- M I K E
19. Buffalo Bills- blood.jets.tears
20. New York Jets- Staff/Me
21. Washington Redskins- superhuman
22. Houston Texans- Fly like a jet
23. Minnesota Vikings- Coffee91
24. Cincinnati Bengals- Ishan G
25. Pittsburgh Steelers- jmcmahon34
26. Seattle Seahawks- Pc1167
27. Green Bay Packers- Crawdady
28. Kansas City Chiefs- jetstothesb
29. Arizona Cardinals- jeffg928
30. Carolina Panthers- Feast for Cro(martie)s
31. Denver Broncos- onecrazymoflo

The LOLtriots: Middlesex

Wait list:


I'm making a slight modification to the rules. If you do not pick by the deadline for you pick, you will FORFEIT your spot to the person who is next on the wait list. That person will then have 12 hours to make a selection before the selection is skipped. All the other rules still apply. If you believe that you will not be available to make your pick, you are also able to email my a list of up to 5 prospects, in order, of who you wish to select and I will choose from the top available off of your list. If you email me a list and all 5 players are taken, then it will be as though there was no list.

Any trade chatter shall be directed to this fan post right here. Make sure you rec the fan post so that it will remain on the front page. Monday at 12:00 am starts the draft. Westcoastjet, you are on the clock and can make your pick anytime before your deadline at 12:00 am on Tuesday.