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Jets Offseason Rumors: Team Shopping Muhammad Wilkerson at Florida Pro Day?

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Pauline says the Jets were reportedly shopping defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson at Florida's pro day.

Wilkerson was franchised by the Jets, meaning his 2016 salary is set to be over $15 million. There would be no dead money in a trade for the Jets.

This is one of the first rumors the Jets might be looking into trading Wilkerson. It is pretty thin, and rumors don't always pan out at this time of the year. Any trade for Wilkerson would likely take time to play out. A new team is probably going to want to reach a long-term deal with the Pro Bowler.

Nobody knows what Wilkerson wants from the Jets. I don't think there is any way a trade is an attractive outcome. The Jets might get 50 cents on the dollar for their best defensive player. It seems unlikely any team would give up a first round pick in exchange. Depending on Wilkerson's demands, it might be the least of a series of bad options.