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New York Jets free agency 2016: News, rumors, signings, updates, more for Tuesday

John Parra/Getty Images

The owners' meetings continue today in Boca Raton.

Yesterday's highlight from a Jets perspective was not a player acquisition. Owner Woody Johnson spoke to the press on numerous topics. Perhaps the most illuminating thing he said regarded Muhammad Wilkerson. He confirmed the team has been negotiating with the star defensive lineman for years without being able to come to terms on a new contract. Johnson was noncommittal as to whether Wilkerson would be a Jet over the long haul, which is not necessarily big news. Nobody knows whether he will or will not be until he either signs a contract or is on a new team.

This is a time where a lot of the movers and shakers of the NFL are gathered in one place. There were few rumblings of anything major happening yesterday.

Will that change today? The GGN Twitter widget is embedded below to provide you with updates.