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Jeremy Kerley Signs With the Detroit Lions

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Former Jets wide receiver Jeremy Kerley has a new home. The 2011 fifth round pick signed with the Detroit Lions.

Kerley did not fit what the new Jets coaching staff wanted to do on offense. They wanted bigger receivers manning the middle of the field. Kerely is a traditional small, quick slot receiver.

He now will have a chance to resuscitate a career that has been going in the wrong direction. The TCU product had some moderately productive seasons on bad passing offenses, but his decline started in 2014. After a fast start, Kerley caught only 23 passes after Week 3 of that season and only 16 in all of 2015.

Players like Kerley might be getting phased out of the NFL. The slot has become a place teams look to create mismatches. There will always be room for prolific players like Julian Edelman, but adequate pieces like Kerley who cannot play on the outside might struggle to find a role with some teams.

Kerley always seemed like a classy guy so here's wishing him well in Detroit.