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New York Jets free agency 2016: News, rumors, signings, updates, more for Friday

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Jets hosted three more free agents on Thursday. Courtney Upshaw of the Ravens, Jordan Norwood of the Broncos, and Josh Hill of the Saints were reportedly in Florham Park meeting with the team. There have been no reports of contracts with any of the three.

We might hear about more free agents in the days to come. The offseason has hit the period where value free agents might be available. Most of the players signed to cheap deals will not produce much, but the good teams always seem to find a good player or two at a surprisingly low rate.

All remains quiet on the Ryan Fitzpatrick front. The same can be said on the Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III fronts. The quarterback situation shows no sign of resolving itself soon for the Jets.

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