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Jets Free Agency Rumors: No Incentive for Jets to Raise Offer to Ryan Fitzpatrick Yet

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

For the last week, I have seen various publications say the Jets cannot afford to let Ryan Fitzpatrick get away. The idea is the Jets had to make a big offer to keep him. Now as contract negotiations seem to be stalled, I have seen pieces suggest the Jets should raise their offer to Fitzpatrick. I do not see any real incentive to do so.

I think the Jets need to consider two conflicting points as they approach Fitzpatrick negotiations.

  • Fitzpatrick is far and away the best chance the Jets have to get quality quarterback play in 2016. This is due to factors such as familiarity with the offense, chemistry with the receivers, and body of work in 2015. And yes, I am including players like Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III when I say Fitzpatrick offers the team the highest odds of getting good quarterback play unless somebody creates a time machine that can take us back to 2012.
  • Based on Fitzpatrick's career track record, the Jets should not tie themselves into a long-term commitment. The odds of Fitzpatrick regressing are relatively good. The last team that offered him a major extension lived to regret it.
Under certain circumstances, this might create a conflict. It hasn't, though, because no team has stepped up to offer Fitzpatrick more money.

Sometimes in negotiations, the patient person is the one who wins. One of the worst tactics in negotiation is to raise your bid before you have to raise it. You never want to bid against yourself.

At this point, we have no reports of a team offering more than the Jets to Fitzpatrick. That's what the market says he is worth right now. If you already have the high bid, why go higher?

The Jets can probably raise their offer if they had to without jeopardizing themselves in the long-term, but until there is reason to do so, they can stay put.