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NFL Draft Order: NY Jets 2016 Draft Picks

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The NFL awarded compensatory Draft picks last week. The Jets did not receive any, but the compensatory picks did settle something. The league was finally able to release its complete order of Draft picks in 2016.

The Jets own six picks. They have their selections in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and seventh rounders. The only pick the team does not own was traded to the Houston Texans for Ryan Fitzpatrick, a sixth round pick well-spent.'

Where do the Jets select?

First Round

The Jets own the 20th pick of the Draft.

Second Round

The Jets own the 51st pick of the Draft.

Third Round

The Jets own the 83rd pick of the Draft.

Fourth Round

The Jets own the 118th pick of the Draft.

Fifth Round

The Jets own the 157th pick of the Draft.

Seventh Round

The Jets own the 241st pick of the Draft.

All of these picks are the 20th of their particular round.