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Jets Receive No Compensatory Picks in 2016 Draft

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

It should come as no surprise, but the Jets did not receive any compensatory selections in the 2016 NFL Draft. The league awarded 33 such picks.

These picks were awarded based on free agency in the 2015 offseason. To receive a compensatory pick, a team has to lose more than it gains. There is not much doubt the Jets gained more than they lost with their free agency spending spree.

Compensatory picks are a bit of a catch 22. It certainly helps to have extra Draft picks, but receiving them means your team has also lost something good in free agency. The smart franchises tend to factor these picks into their decision-making. If they have a young cheaper player ready to take on a bigger role, they might let a free agent walk and get the same production at a position while picking up a pick in the process. Not all free agents are factor into compensatory picks so some teams lean to the free agents who do not factor into the formula when it is possible.

Last year there really wasn't any alternative for Mike Maccagnan but to spend to improve the roster. The manner by which he strategizes to gain compensatory picks going forward will be interesting.

This is the second straight year the Jets did not receive a compensatory pick. They did receive four prior to the 2014 Draft.