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New York Jets free agency 2016: News, rumors, signings, updates, more

Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

Activity is starting to pick up a bit for the Jets in free agency. They have conducted numerous visits. Friday was quiet on the actual signing front, though. There are reports the Jets and defensive lineman Jarvis Jenkins are expected to strike a deal.

All remains quiet on the Ryan Fitzpatrick front as of now. There is no indication the Jets have raised their offer, Fitzpatrick has raised his demands, or some other team has made a bigger offer than the Jets. One of these three things will have to happen for there to be any sort of movement. To the extent there has been news, it has been about the Jets exploring quarterback alternatives as Robert Griffin III visited Florham Park yesterday.

Discuss the Saturday in free agency below. The GGN Twitter widget has been embedded to provide you with updates throughout the day as players move on the fourth official day of NFL free agency in 2016.