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Jeremy Kerley's Classy Goodbye

Elsa/Getty Images

Former Jets wide receiver Jeremy Kerley posted a goodbye to the Jets and the team's fans on his Twitter page. Kerley was released earlier in the week.

There have not been a ton of late round Draft success stories for the Jets in recent years. Kerley was an exception. He was a pretty solid slot receiver for the team.

Sometimes when a new coaching staff comes, it means changes. Some players who never got a chance before fit what the new guys want to do. Other players who used to be part of the program do not fit. That was the case with Kerley. Chan Gailey and Todd Bowles seemed to want big players working the middle of the field. Kerley did not fit.

There were some nice memories, though. The wide receiver position wasn't always in as good of a shape as it is today with Marshall and Decker. Kerley was about the only halfway decent receiver the Jets had for a few years.