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NY Jets Signings: Thinking About Backfield Roles

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Jets have signed a trio of backs, let's think about how they will be used.

I think at the start of the season, Matt Forte will be viewed as the top back. His reputation will make this so. If the Jets are smart, they will keep him on a pitch count. Forte has shown great durability during his career and keeps himself in top condition. He is 30 years old, though, and has over 2,500 touches on his odometer. To preserve his effectiveness for late in the season, the Jets need to limit his touches so he will stay fresh.

With Bilal Powell making something similar in salary, it stands to reason that he will see a fairly significant number of touches. I see Forte and Powell splitting the work at the start of the year. Khiry Robinson will likely start the year as the number three back as he bounces back from a leg injury. If he is ready to go, I think he will get some short yardage touches.

It would not surprise me as the season goes on to see Robinson's share of the touches increase. He is the least heralded of the three, but it would not surprise me to see him become the most effective runner by the end of the season.