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Jets Free Agency Tracker:Khiry Robinson Signing Approval Rating

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Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Three years ago the Jets acquired a running back from the Saints on the cheap. Chris Ivory had under 300 touches from scrimmage in his career, but the Jets thought his skillset could make him a productive starter. They signed him to a contract that proved to be a bargain.

Ivory was so productive that he priced himself into a salary that the Jets did not want to pay. Now as part of the equation to replace him, they turn once again to a Saints back with little history of use. Khiry Robinson also has less than 300 touches in his career. In that limited sample size, he has shown a similar ability to make tacklers miss him.

As PFF noted when discussing Robinson's 2014 season:

He was also in the upper echelon of the league when it came to yards after contact, averaging 2.75 yards per attempt.

I think like Ivory, Robinson is a talented back who had a tough time getting touches just because of how crowded the backfield is in New Orleans. That and a broken leg might have helped suppress his value. He could be a potential bargain.

This is one of the types of moves that determines whether a front office will be successful. Three years ago, the Jets found an under the radar gem in Ivory. Ivory grew into a player who earned a raise. Now can they replace him by finding the next under the radar gem?

I think Robinson stands a good chance to make that answer yes. I approve of this low cost signing.