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Jets Free Agency: Bilal Powell Signing Approval Rating

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Are you happy with the Jets bringing back Bilal Powell?

Early in his career, it felt like Powell struggled to find his niche. As he hit free agency for the first time a year ago, the Jets quickly re-signed him. They indicated he was a priority. It was something of a surprise.

Near the end of the season, Powell seemed to find his niche. He became a big part of the passing offense. When he missed the season finale against the Bills, the offense struggled. On a very windy day in Buffalo where it was a struggle to push the ball down the field, the Jets could have used him as a dumpoff option  It might have made a big difference.

I think bringing Powell back was a good move for the Jets. He is not somebody who can carry the load, but he can be useful in the right role.

Do you approve of the signing?