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Jets Free Agency: Day Two Recap

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday was the second official day of free agency. What is happening with the Jets.

Backfield Makeover

The Jets have made three major signings since the start of free agency. All three have been running backs. After reaching a deal with Matt Forte yesterday, the Jets re-signed Bilal Powell and brought in Khiry Robinson from the Saints today. Powell came on near the end of the season and flashed some playmaking ability. Robinson joining the Jets is ironic. His game is somewhat similar to that of Chris Ivory, the last back the Jets imported from New Orleans. In some ways he replace Ivory with the Saints after the back's 2013 trade to the Jets. The Jets entered free agency with only Zac Stacy under contract. They now on paper have a deep and talented backfield.

Quarterback Up in the Air

All kinds of rumors were floating today. There was talk the Jets were in the mix for Colin Kaepernick. Brian Hoyer was named as a potential addition. Adam Schefter was floating the idea that the Jets could be comfortable turning back to Geno Smith. One thing seems clear. The Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick are at an impasse. The Jets want him back. Fitzpatrick wants to return. The two sides have very different views on his value and neither has budged so far. There has not been much of a market to materialize so far for Fitzpatrick so this could play out slowly.

What Is Next?

The Jets have been linked to a few more players. Rod Streater of the Raiders has a visit scheduled. Steelers fullback Will Johnson has also gotten some buzz with the Jets. As the first wave of free agency ends, and the big money players go off the board, I expect the Jets to get more active looking for bargain players.