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Jets Free Agency Tracker: Broncos Speak With Ryan Fitzpatrick

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The buzz seems to be that the Broncos are trying to trade for Colin Kaepernick to fill their void at quarterback. If that falls through, they might have interest in Jets free agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. We have our first report of contact between the two sides.

If Denver's trade falls through for Kaepernick, Fitzpatrick would figure to be in a good spot. He might be able to choose between two good teams with two quality supporting casts. Could he get what he wants financially? Could he at least get the Jets to budge a little bit? It does not seem like the two sides are making any progress. Here is Brian Costello's update on Thursday evening.

I get the feeling Mike Maccagnan's read on this is there is not much of a market for Fitzpatrick outside of the Jets. If Kaepernick goes to Denver, he might be right.

One rule of free agency I have heard frequently is that when a player stays on the market for a while, it means the team he wants to go to isn't offering the right amount of money to make it happen. That seems to obviously be the case right here. As Costello says, this poker game might go on for a while.