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Matt Forte: Thinking About His Role With the Jets

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

How will Matt Forte fit in with the Jets?

Since the Jets signed the veteran back yesterday, I have been thinking about this. As we now know, Chris Ivory is gone. Is Forte going to take Ivory's spot?

I am not sure Forte is necessarily a direct replacement for Ivory. The Jets might not give their number one back the exact same role Ivory had last year or their number two back the exact same role as Bilal Powell. They might split the responsibilities differently.

When I think of Forte, I no longer think of a full-time back. He takes care of himself very well. He has proven to be durable. He is also 30 years old. The Jets would be smart to keep him fresh by limiting his touches to some degree.

More than what he does as a runner, I think of this move as acquiring a third option in the passing game. For much of last season, the passing game went through two guys, Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker. The question was always where the third option would come from. A lot of the smart money early was on Jeremy Kerley. Then the question was what Devin Smith could do. Would somebody step up at the tight end position?

Near the end of the year, we got the answer. It was Powell, who became a big part of the passing offense. Now the Jets will sport a back two years removed from a 100 catch season. I don't expect Forte to ever approach that type of production again, but it should add some extra life into the passing game. This might be where he makes the most impact.