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Jets Free Agency Moves: Matt Forte Signing Approval Rating

David Banks/Getty Images

Do you approve of the Jets signing Matt Forte?

I am in general not a big fan of signing older running backs. They tend to be expensive and break down. For a while, I was not too keen on the idea of the Jets bringing in Forte. In the last few days before they made the move, I warmed to the idea, though.

I think Forte adds an element as a pass catcher out of the backfield that the Jets lacked outside of a short stretch of production from Bilal Powell a year ago. Forte is 30 years old. The days of him being a three down back are probably gone. To preserve him, the Jets will probably need to find a partner for him to tandem with. If it is a rookie, Forte would be a nice guy to have around as a mentor to teach some of the finer points of the position, such as pass blocking.

The contract itself seems reasonable from what we know.

I approve. Do you?