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Jets Offseason Rumors: Will the Broncos Make a Move for Ryan Fitzpatrick?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday the Houston Texans signed quarterback Brock Osweiler. That takes Houston out of the Ryan Fitzpatrick sweepstakes. (Whether they ever actually intended to be in it nobody will ever know.) It does potentially put the Denver Broncos into the race for Fitzpatrick. Osweiler had seemed like the heir apparent to Peyton Manning. Now Denver has to go to Plan B.

There have been rumors that the Broncos could look into Colin Kaepernick. That does make sense. Having an athlete like Kaepernick running the bootlegs Gary Kubiak loves might be just what the quarterback needs to revitalize his career.

The question is whether Fitzpatrick might appeal to the Broncos. It seems ridiculous to type. It is probably ridiculous to read, but Fitzpatrick would be an upgrade on what Denver got from Peyton Manning.

From Fitzpatrick's end, it would also give him the best chance to win. What I have always seen as the Jets' top selling point is the situation they provide. I have not seen another team that could offer him the quality of receivers the Jets have. Denver could. They could also give him a Super Bowl defense that limits what he needs to do.

It might just come down to money. How much does John Elway think Fitzpatrick could help his team? Does Elway even think Fitzpatrick could help his team at all? The Jets seem unwilling to write a blank check to a 33 year old journeyman. There is no guarantee Elway would either.

The whole situation invites more questions than answers right now.