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Jets Free Agency Tracker: What Type of Contract Did the Jaguars Give Chris Ivory

Al Bello/Getty Images

Dom Cosentino did a great job breaking down. Chris Ivory's new contract with the Jaguars. You can click over for an in-depth look at how the deal is structured. What are the bottom line cap figures?

2016: $3.5 million

2017: $6 million

2018: $7 million

2019: $7 million

2020: $8.25 million

Why is this worth noting? Despite all of the legitimate talk of the Jets not having a ton of cap space to operate, Ivory's deal like many others has a low first year cap hit. If the Jets really wanted to keep him, they could have easily worked him into their 2016 cap. After 2016, they would have the flexibility to take that cap hit.

To me this suggests more that the Jets just did not think Ivory was worth what he was asking. I find it kind of difficult to argue with that. Although he has vastly improved this aspect of his game, he is still limited as a receiver. His running style limits the amount a team can use him. 2015 was the first year he had over 200 carries, and he was much less effective after the first four games. Three of those first four games also featured Ivory off two weeks of rest.