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Jets Free Agency Tracker: Where Does Team Stand on Compensatory Picks?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We are only one day into free agency, but let's take a look at where the Jets currently stand on compensatory picks.

Compensatory Draft picks will be awarded in 2017 based on what teams do in free agency this year. The NFL has a complicated formula, but it boils down to this. Teams that lose more than they gain in free agency get extra Draft picks. Teams that gain more than they lose do not.

After day one, Over the Cap has the Jets projected to pick up a fourth round compensatory pick for losing Damon Harrison. At the moment, they estimate Harrison's $9 million annual salary with the Giants will correlate to a fourth rounder by the league's methodology.

They also had the Jets picking up a fifth rounder for losing Chris Ivory, but the Matt Forte signing cancels that out.

This is going to shift a lot in the coming days as the Jets gain and lose free agents so stay tuned.