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ESPN Power Rankings: Jets Rate 12th

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Power rankings are meaningless under normal circumstances. When they come immediately after the Super Bowl, they border on the absurd. Nobody knows what any of the 32 teams in the NFL will look like in 2016. This has not stopped ESPN from putting out 2016 power rankings. As always, these power rankings are stupid...unless they praise the Jets.

ESPN shows the Jets some respect by ranking them 12th.

12. New York Jets

2015 record: 10-6

Voting results: 394 points

Why they're here: The panel sees the Jets as a good team coming off a 10-6 season, but this ranking reflects the question of whether they can take another step forward with Ryan Fitzpatrick likely back at quarterback, and the possibility of at least a couple noticeable departures on both sides of the ball.

What could change: No team had a better offseason before the 2015 season that the Jets, who did well in free agency and also hit home runs in the draft. Now they face tough cap decisions on Muhammad Wilkerson and Damon Harrison, could lose Chris Ivory, and have three starters over 30 along the O-line. There's also been a question of whether Sheldon Richardson could be trade bait. Busy months ahead...

I'm not sure whether Sheldon Richardson is actually trade bait, but this is a big offseason for the Jets. Can they build on their momentum from 2015?