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Super Bowl: Should It Be Played Presidents' Day Weekend?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

As you likely know, the Super Bowl was played on Sunday. This coming weekend is a three day weekend in the United States. Presidents' Day is Monday the 15th, and it is a national holiday. This brings me to my question. Should the NFL play the Super Bowl over the holiday weekend instead?

Wouldn't it be nice to have the Monday after the Super Bowl off from work? That would be the clear benefit.

What are the disadvantages? For starters, the NFL would have to play its Playoff games deeper into the winter. The league is already pushing things as it is asking fans to brave the elements.

The season would also have to start later to have a later finish. The league could certainly add in a second bye week during the regular season. It would be win-win. It would allow players more time to stay fresh during the season, creating a higher quality of play and helping with player safety concerns a bit. Still, last year's Super Bowl was played on February 1. That was two weeks before Presidents' Day. There are many years where the league would have start a week later even if a second bye was added.

There also is another consideration. If the Super Bowl was played over the long weekend this season, Super Sunday would have been Valentine's Day.

What say you? Should the big game be on the long weekend?