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Super Bowl 50 Final Score: Broncos Win Super Bowl; Beat Panthers 24-10

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos are NFL Champions. Denver defeated the Carolina Panthers tonight 24-10.

It was a pretty sloppy game. There were turnovers, penalties, missed throw,and special teams miscues.

Peyton Manning was shaky in what will likely be the final game of his career. He turned it over twice.

The real story of this game was the Denver defense, though. The Broncos dominated this game up front, sacking Cam Newton seven times. Von Miller had a pair of strip sacks. One of which was recovered in the end zone for a touchdown. The second set up a short touchdown drive. This Denver defense flew under the radar all season, but if you look at the entire body of work, it has to go down as one of the greatest single season defenses in league history. After stifling the likes of Rodgers, Roethlisberger, and Brady, the unit dominated MVP of the league Cam Newton.

Former Jet Jerricho Cotchery had a rough game, failing to come up with a number of catches he could have had.

In the end, Manning gets his storybook ending, even if he didn't do a whole lot to contribute to it. This is karma, though. If ever there was a quarterback who deserved to be carried to a title, it is him. He would have certainly had more than one ring entering this game had some of the defenses on the Indianapolis teams he carried early in his career were better.

We are officially in the NFL offseason.