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Super Bowl 50 Prediction: Broncos in an Upset

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Super Sunday is here. Will the Panthers win their first championship, or will the Broncos win their third. At 9-1 in my Playoff picks, will I finish the postseason as a 10-1 powerhouse or just a 9-2 powerhouse?

The money seems to be on Carolina in this game. Why not? They have been the best team in the NFL all season. They have the most complete team. Their quarterback looks much better on paper.

I am taking Denver to pull the upset, though. As great as the Carolina defense is, I think people have been sleeping on the Broncos defense all season. Early in the year, the story in the AFC was about New England's dominance. Later in the year the focus shifted to Denver, but it was mainly the Peyton Manning saga. This defense has shut down some of the best quarterbacks the league has ever seen. The unit is one win away from going down as a legendary unit. I think the Panthers are going to have some real trouble here.

The question is whether the Denver offense can cobble together enough points. In a seven game series like the other sports have, I don't see how Carolina would lose. I don't think Peyton Manning's body can hold up for the long haul. In a one game situation off two weeks of rest, I think he can do enough to deliver the Broncos a championship.

What is your pick?