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National Signing Day: How Did Jets Players Rate as High School Prospects?

Harry How/Getty Images

Today is National Signing Day in college football. The top high school prospects commit to colleges. There are a number of websites that rate players by rating of one to five stars. How did Jets players rank when they were committing to colleges? Let's take a look at how some of the notable members of the team were viewed by Rivals, one of the major college scouting sites.

Player Stars Year College
Darrelle Revis 3 2004 Pittsburgh
Muhammad Wilkerson 2 2007 Temple
Sheldon Richardson 5 2009 Missouri
David Harris 3 2002 Michigan
D'Brickashaw Ferguson 3 2002 Virginia
Nick Mangold 4 2002 Ohio State
Leonard Williams 4 2012 USC
Brandon Marshall 2 2002 Central Florida
Eric Decker 2 2005 Minnesota
Antonio Cromartie 4 2003 Florida State
Geno Smith 4 2009 West Virginia
Bryce Petty 3 2009 Baylor

You can see that rating college prospects in high school can be as inexact of a science as rating NFL prospects in college.