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2016 NFL Combine: Final Day Is Here

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Today is the seventh and final day of the 2016 Combine in Indianapolis.

Most of the players have already departed. The last stragglers are defensive backfield prospects, the cornerbacks and the safeties. Today they hit the field for drills, the final group to do so.

Will today be of note for the Jets? One might guess the answer is no. The Jets seem to have their starters penciled in for the secondary with Marcus Williams likely moving up to take a bigger role. I am not so sure, though. Cornerback is a premium position in Todd Bowles' defense. If there are two things this defense cannot have enough of, they would be pass rushers and cornerbacks. The Jets also have to think of the future. With Darrelle Revis near the end of his time as a cornerback who can take the other team's best receiver on a weekly basis, the Jets are going to have to find a premium player to take that role sooner rather than later. Taking a corner this year would allow such a player to break himself in as the number two guy as a rookie before sliding into the Revis role.

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