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NFL Franchise Tag and Transition Tag Numbers: How Much Will It Cost the Jets to Use the Tag?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has released the salary numbers for players who receive the franchise tag and transition tag from their teams.

They are both for one year contracts teams can give to one player. Tagging a player effectively makes him a restricted free agent. A player who is tagged can negotiate with other teams and sign an offer sheet. The original team is allowed to match that offer sheet to retain a player. If the original team chooses not to match the offer sheet of a player who has been franchised, the player's new team has to surrender two first round picks to the original team. There is no compensation if the original team chooses to not match the offer sheet of a player who used the transition tag.

With that in mind, you can probably see why the franchise tag is used much more frequently than the transition tag. You can also see why players who receive the franchise tag are widely viewed as off the market. Few teams would be willing to give up two first round picks AND a big contract for a new player.

Teams can use EITHER the franchise tag or the transition tag. They can't use both so don't have dreams of the Jets using the franchise tag on Muhammad Wilkerson and the transition tag on Damon Harrison.

The figures are out. The franchise tag for defensive ends is $15.7 million. the most likely scenario remains the Jets using the franchise tag on Wilkerson before Tuesday's deadline. In case you were wondering, there would not be much savings by tagging Harrison instead. The tag number for defensive tackles is $13.6 million. Below are the totals at every position.

Position Franchise Tag Transition Tag
Quarterback $19.953 million $17.696 million
Running back $11.789 million $9.647 million
Receiver $14.599 million $12.268 million
Tight end $9.118 million $7.713 million
Offensive line $13.706 million $11.902 million
Defensive end $15.701 million $12.734 million
Defensive tackle $13.615 million $10.875 million
Linebacker $14.129 million $11.925 million
Cornerback $13.952 million $11.913 million
Safety $10.806 million $9.116 million
Kicker/punte: $4.572 million $4.123 million