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Mike Mayock's Ideas for the Jets

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Network's Mike Mayock was on a conference call yesterday. He provided his thoughts on players the Jets might target in the NFL Draft.

Q: Basically I know the two biggest needs the Jets pretty much have right now as it pertains obviously to the New York Jets is offensive line and pass rusher. Depending on if they go one or the other in the first round, who are those second-round options that you could see the Jets going with as an outside pass rusher but then also as an offensive lineman, be that a guard or a tackle?

MIKE MAYOCK: Yeah, the second-round edge rush types would be a kid named -- I can't even pronounce his first name, but his last name is Correa from Boise. 3-4 outside linebacker type player, really quick and twitchy off the edge, tough kid, I like him a lot. I think he makes some sense with what the Jets do.

Another name I can't pronounce from Maryland, Yannick Ngakoue. I apologize. I'm going to need to get to know these before this weekend. But he's a third- or fourth-round guy. But again, prototypical, 3-4 edge rusher with some upside. Both of those kids would make sense, whether it's second round, third round, fourth round, they fit with what the Jets want to do.

As far as if -- if they go the other way with O-line, you get into that second or third round with the offensive line, and they're getting old on the left side. They've been good over there for a lot of years at left center at left tackle. The guys I like with Cody Whitehair, Vadal Alexander, Germain Ifedi, all interior players, and then I also like some of the centers in that group that could also move outside the guard. So Ryan Kelly and Nick Martin are both outstanding second-round centers. I think they both could play guard. I also think Graham Glasgow from Michigan, who's a center, could play guard. So there's a whole different group depending on how this -- I think the group of centers is one of the best groups I've seen in a while, and a lot of those guys can play all three interior offensive line positions.

Interesting take from Mayock. As always, it depends on how things fall. It might be that there are no edge rushers or linemen worth taking when the Jets select. I do like Mayock's point about interior linemen. It is something we seldom discuss, but Nick Mangold is 32 years old. As great as he has been, the team is going to have to start thinking about a replacement in the next few seasons. It might be worth exploring taking somebody and breaking him in at guard for the first few seasons.