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NFL Mock Draft 2016: Who Should the Jets Select?

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Here is a roundup of the latest NFL mock drafts.

Dan Kadar (SB Nation)

20. New York Jets: Leonard Floyd, OLB, Georgia

Floyd is another player who could be a star at the combine this week. He's a highly athletic pass rusher, and those players always come at a premium in the draft. The Jets' best pass rusher is Muhammad Wilkerson, but they don't generate many sacks from the linebacker level. Floyd can provide that and take some of the attention off Wilkerson up front.

Bucky Brooks (

20. NY Jets


Despite Chris Ivory's breakout season, the Jets could view him as expendable. Elliott is a versatile workhorse back capable of delivering explosive plays as a runner or receiver.

Peter Schrager (Fox Sports)

20. N.Y. Jets (10-6): Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio St., Jr.

Elliott has been described as the best blocking running back in the entire draft. He can also run quite a bit. I had a scout tell me he's a top-five pick, but even with Todd Gurley's success, I'm not sure I can put a running back much higher than here. Especially with the needs other teams have. The Jets would be a great fit.