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Jets Offseason Rumors: Is a Reunion With Antonio Cromartie Possible?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets cut cornerback Antonio Cromartie yesterday. A few different reports indicate the two sides would potentially be open to a reunion.

Darryl Slater of wrote that Cromartie has great affection for the organization.

Cromartie is expected to be willing to take less money to return, because he loves the Jets organization and coach Todd Bowles, according to a league source.

The source spoke to NJ Advance Media on a condition of anonymity, while also noting it's still early in this process, and it's not clear what the Jets want to do with the starting cornerback spot opposite Darrelle Revis.

Connor Hughes indicated the team would also be open to a Cromartie return.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, the Jets are not against bringing back Cromartie, who was released Monday in a widely expected money-saving move. The source said the team is "leaving the door open" for a return.

While this seems possible, I tend to doubt it is particularly likely. At the very least, there seems to be disagreement on his value at this time. If the two sides could agree to a deal, they probably would have just reworked his current contract and left nothing up to chance.

For baseball fans, I think the scenario for a Cromartie return would be akin to the Mets bringing back Yoenis Cespedes. It might be plausible.The situation could have to include no market developing for him, and Cromartie returning for less than he originally wanted.

The Jets really need the $8 million in cap space cutting Cromartie cleared up so he might only be coming back if he takes a salary close to the minimum. Even if he is willing to come back for less money, the team's current offers might be less than he is willing to accept.