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NY Jets: Blame Game: Woe is Cro

The Jets gave up just under 3 touchdowns per game during this stretch so there's a lot to cover. And like last time there's a lot of bad.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

When last we left you, Cro was beaten three times on defense, and the punt team looked down right pathetic against the Eagles. Cro has been the first major cut from the team and will also be the first player to get an adjusted score. It's not a good thing.

Jeremy J Jackson pointed out that I was misreading a play and he's entirely correct. Moncrief ran a jerk route designed to do what it did to Cro- freeze him. On the replay and chalkboard, I originally thought that it was a broken play, but Jeremy correctly pointed me to the fact that it was a quick move and not a sit and react. For that I'm adjusting a few numbers because the play wasn't school yard ball, and instead was designed.

Cro now earns a solid .5 blame game score for that TD. The pass rush is now down to .45 blame score for that particular play. The Kotite rating is unchanged. I don't see a reason to change it. That brings Cromartie to a score of 2.5 even, meaning he's responsible for 2 and a half touchdowns so far.

This time around we'll see how they did against Washington, New England, Oakland and Jacksonville.

Week 6 (game 5) vs. Redskins:

1. The Play: Pierre Garcon 6 yard pass

Blame: Revis (100%)

Reasoning: This is straight up a toasting of a corner. Revis guesses wrong, whiffs and gives up an easy score. Not much else to say really.

Kotiteness: 2.5/5 Rich's. This is a really tough one to grade. Revis completely whiffs on the man. But, it's not like there's a true lol quality to this. It's more or less what it is --a great player getting taken to school. A perfectly average Kotite rating for the gif able quality of the whiff.

2.The Play: Ryan Quigley punt block

Blame: Coaching staff (100%)

Reasoning; The coaching staff took the blame, and it's hard to argue when ten people line up for the punt deep in your own territory. Perhaps doing a headcount might be a good idea guys?

Kotiteness: 4.6/5 Rich's. Doing a headcount isn't just an option. It's practically a requirement. The fact is that the Jets, on a simple punt formation, lined up with ten guys with a short field. That's inexcusable.


Week 7: @ New England

1. The play: Tom Brady 1 yard rush

The blame: Defense (100%)

Reasoning: When you get down to the 1 and this happens, you blame the entire unit. No one was particularly bad so they all get to share the blame.

Kotiteness: 1/5 Rich's. Against a really good QB with a pretty good broad jump, there's not exactly a ton you can do. Unless you guessed perfectly that he would jump over and played the entire defense to defend that sneak, I don't see a great way to stop this particular play. You know besides shutting down the drive earlier.  Still the gif-able Brady hop will make you want to slap the tragic clown and gives it a full Rich point,.

2. The Play: Danny Amendola 8 yard catch

The blame: Gilchrist (50%) Williams (50%)

Reasoning: This is a case of a cover two man zone getting exploited because the corner played as if the safety would be there-- while the safety was helping out with another man. I argued in the chalkboard that Williams played too soft and too far outside, while others argued that Gilchrist was late. I'll let them share the blame on this one as both could have done better.

Kotiteness: 0.5/5 Rich's. I mean there's nothing too egregious about this play. Totally defendable when you consider who you were playing and everything about the play. Simple case of a good team beating you.

3. The Play: Rob Gronkowski 15 yard pass

The Blame: Coples (50%) Gilchrist (50%)

Reasoning: I've yet to find an article that said who exactly blew the coverage here. I'm thinking more than likely it's Gilchrist although if that's the case, I'd still like to know why Coples didn't even lay a hand on him. Either way both can share the blame, although this will be updated if someone can find me a link to an article assigning blame.

Kotiteness: 4.5/5 Rich's. Follow me here: the Pats are down to like one good skill player: Gronk. The Jets decide to let him a free release off the line with no one covering him downfield. That series of actions allows  him to waltz into the end zone untouched for a game winning score. That sound about like a great example of a Kotite?


Week 7: @ Oakland

1. The Play: Andre Holmes 5 yard Pass

The Blame: Buster Skrine (100%)

Reasoning: When you're Mano y Mano and get burnt you get all of the blame. No reason he doesn't deserve it here.

Oakland in td

Kotiteness: 1/5 Rich's. I've burnt food that I forgot on the grill for 3 hours less than Skrine got burned here. It's not got a whole lot of incompetence other than a bad step to the inside.

2. The Play: Michael Crabtree 26 yard pass

The Blame: Cromartie (90%) Pass Rush (3%) Marcus Williams (5%) Davis (2%)

Reasoning: Cro deserves the lion's share of the blame. What a terrible job of covering a WR as he gets completely turned around. The pass rush stunk which allowed the pass to be made. Then Davis does a poor job of tackling along with Cromartie...and for a topper Williams decides that Crabtree worked hard enough and simply let him into the end zone. This is just bad defense.

Kotiteness: 4.6/5 Rich's. Let's see: the pass rush stunk. Cro gets turned around and collides with Davis instead of tackling Crabtree. To top it all off Williams just let's him go without much of a tackle and Skrine gave up on the play. Yep this is a strong candidate as well for the Fake Spike trophy.

3, The Play: Andre Holmes 49 yard Pass

The Blame: Cromartie (100%)

Reasoning: It's cover one, meaning Cro has deep man coverage. He gets toasted again.

Kotiteness: 3/5 Rich's. Unlike Skrine there's a few things going against Cro. This is a long touchdown to give up, he gives a free release off the line, and never truly catches up to Holmes. Things going for Cro: I thought he might have a decent gripe about OPI. It's not enough to keep him from a low Kotite rating but it kept him out of the 4.0 range.

4. The Play: Tiawan Jones 59 yard Pass

The Blame: Davis (80%) Williams (10%) Gilchrist (10%)

Reasoning: Davis gets a bum rap here because yet again he's asked to cover a running back out of the MLB position. He gets it back because he takes another very poor angle. And two of our favorite punching bags also get some blame. Williams decided to put his head down and slide for third base instead of making a tackle and Gilchrist runs into a block, takes a poor angle and gets beat for the touchdown.

Kotiteness: 4.3/5 Rich's. We've seen worse but this is certainly not a shining example of a tip your cap to the team who beat you. More like using one of your two bullets to shoot yourself in the foot and then trying to aim. Either way, it was very, very bad.


Week 9: vs. Jacksonville

1. The Play: Allen Hurns 30 yard pass

The Blame: Cro (95%) Wiliams (5%)

Reasoning: He gets beaten on a double move.... again. Bonus quote from that week's chalkboard to sum it up: "It's getting to the point of who will toast him this week." Williams gets a 5% for flying to the other side of the field and not playing a true center field. Not like it would have made a huge difference but he gets something for abandoning ship way too early.

Kotiteness: 2.5/5 At this point, it's more or less you get what you get out of Cro. He stunk and there you go.

2. The Play: Bryan Walters 30 yard pass

The Blame: Buster Skrine (100%)

Reasoning: Buster Skrine here makes a play on the ball rather than defend the pass against the WR. The problem was he totally whiffed allowing an easy TD pass, but to be honest the safe play has a decent chance of going for a TD as well. Either way he gets the blame maybe not so much for the tough assignment, but for the risk he chose.

Kotiteness: 2.8/5 Rich's. It's an Fail-worthy play. I mean you can't just totally whiff on an INT and not see at least a few Rich's. Keeping it from being a higher score is the fact the cover two gets beat here because the safety flies to the inside man. It leaves Skrine expecting some inside help but getting none. It's a fair score considering how much he blew it vs how hard the assignment was.


We are at the half way point of the season. At this point we have three front runners for the Fake Spike Trophy, the Sproles punt return, the 10 man punt team and the Crabtree TD where two players collided instead of making a tackle. While leaving Gronk alone warrants an honorable mention, it does not exactly equate to 5 missed tackles or the calamity that was the Crabtree TD. And 10 men? Come on, really Jets?

For the Brian Jackson trophy it's turning into a rout.

Cro continues to pace this thing with a horrid start to the year with another couple of games that flat out stunk. He's easily your leader nearly doubling the second man, Skrine. He gets a hit this week for completely whiffing on an INT. The coaching staff takes a big hit for the block as well does the entire defense for the Tom Brady leap of faith. Your leaderboard is below:

Cro: 5.35

Skrine 2.00

Davis 1.82

Gilchrist 1.15

Coples 1.10

Revis: 1.00

Defense (collective failure) : 1.00

Harris: 1.0

Coaching Staff: 1.00

Williams .70

Quigley .60

Pass rush .48

Punt Coverage : .40

Harrison .40

Total TD's: 18