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Antonio Cromartie Says Goodbye to the Jets and Their Fans

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets released cornerback Antonio Cromartie today. He posted a message to Instagram thanking the Jets and their fans for their support.

First I would like to give thanks to my Lord and Savior because everything that I've been blessed with is because of you. Thank you again. Now I would like to thank the Jets Organization for bringing me back this past season. I had a lot of fun and I know my first half of the season didn't go well and I thank you guys for pushing and believing in me while keeping me on the field so I could finish strong. Today is a sad day for me not because of my release but the guys I became really close to in our DB room. @busterskrine @revisislandtwo4 @instant9 @mgilchr @therealmarcwill @dmilli27 @wavyy_25 @dbailey37 @dex_25 man y'all niggas were my brothers and I would do anything for y'all man. God bless y'all boys in the future and let God lead the way for you. To the Jets Nation, the most important people that make Sunday's so fun...thank you for welcoming me back. You guys are the best fans ever and thank you for sticking next to me through my tough times last season, you rock. Keep the excitement in the stands, because Coach Bowles will have the guys right this upcoming season. I Vow to be the person and player my Heavenly Father has asked me to be. God Bless You. Sorry @busterskrine I had to put this up lol.

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This was very classy of Cromartie on what had to be a difficult day. Cro's time with the Jets was never perfect, but he genuinely seemed to love being part of the organization. This was even though much of his time with the team it was difficult to come up with reasons anybody would enjoy being part of the organization.

It is plausible that Cro could come back at a reduced price, but that does not seem to be the most likely outcome. If the two sides agreed on Cromartie's value, they probably would have simply reworked his contract.