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New York Jets Offseason: Teams Has 4 of Top 75 Free Agents

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

PFF did a ranking of the top 75 free agents in the NFL. Unlike their ridiculous numerical rating system, they took into account things like performance and age to come up with their rankings. The Jets had four of the top 75.

4. Muhammad Wilkerson, DE

2015 team: New York Jets

His recovery from a broken leg might be a bit of a question mark, but he has finished among the top five 3-4 defensive ends in our grading in three of his four years in the league.

17. Damon Harrison, NT

2015 team: New York Jets

Harrison is the premier run-stuffing nose tackle in the league. He’s had the highest run-stop percentage among defensive tackles each of the last three years, and his 18.1 percent last year was the highest in the PFF era among interior defenders with at least 200 snaps in run defense.

31. Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB

2015 team: New York Jets

He’s had his ups and downs over the years, but has also shown that he can be an effective starter in the league, and should be a consideration for a few teams.

44. Chris Ivory, RB

2015 team: New York Jets

Ivory is an underrated player who doesn’t have the highest ceiling, but has been very consistent with positive rushing grades in each of his six seasons in the league. He’s forced 99 missed tackles on rush attempts over the last two years.

The Jets will not likely be able to keep all of these guys. On some level, though, even though it is difficult to have to make these choices, it is nice to actually have a bunch of good players on the team to have to choose among.