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Jets Had Oldest Offensive Line in NFL in 2015

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Our affiliate site Pats Pulpit did a study adjusted for snaps on the age of every offensive line in the NFL. The Jets they found had the oldest offensive line in the league. Here were the bottom five.

28 Steelers 28.3
29 Saints 28.4
30 Eagles 28.5
31 49ers 28.6
32 Jets 29.2

It is one thing to be old. It is another to be expensive. It is another to be ineffective. Unfortunately, the Jets were all three. That is the worst possible trio in the NFL. It seems pretty clear that the Jets need an infusion of youth in the line soon. That means in the form of premium Draft picks. It also means they need to hit on development projects of a guard or two (Brent Qvale? Jarvis Harrison?)

The last few premium picks the team has invested in the line, Vladimir Ducasse and Brian Winters, have not panned out.

There have been some recent success stories in developing young players. They were Matt Slauson and Austin Howard. Unfortunately, John Idzik decided it was a good idea to let both of these guys go when he could have afforded them and that Breno Giacomini was worth a sizable investment.

All of this leaves the Jets were they are today.