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Muhammad Wilkerson: I'm Starting Rehab Ahead of Schedule

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Jets defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson suffered a broken leg in the team's season-ending loss to the Buffalo Bills. He tweeted out an encouraging status update yesterday regarding his recovery process.

This is certainly good to hear as Wilkerson enters some critical days that will set the course for his professional future.

He is set to become a free agent, although the Jets seem poised to put the franchise tag on him. It is unclear whether the two sides can work out a long-term deal or whether Wilkerson will play 2016 under the tag. A less likely but still plausible scenario would involve Wilkerson being traded to another team with whom he can agree to a new deal.

No matter what happens, it is sounding like his injury will not be a factor in either his negotiations or his future play.