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Mel Kiper Mocks Reggie Ragland To The New York Jets In Latest 2016 NFL Mock Draft

I haven't seen too many people mock Reggie to the Jets.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In case you haven't noticed, the draft is taking up more and more column inches and with no actual football to be played for quite some time, it's going to become almost an obsession.

Earlier today John posted an article updating you on the latest mock drafts. Mel Kiper is a titan of the draft world, so we think he deserves his own article, well I think that. Actually I don't think that, but it's something to discuss in more detail.

So let me take you straight to the mock draft

Last year, the Jets took the best player available in Round 1 when they nabbed Leonard Wlliams at No. 6 overall, and Ragland certainly qualifies as a BPA if he's still around at No. 20. A monster against the run, Ragland plays faster than he'll run at the combine because of great instincts. Draft him with the expectation you can start him in Week 1.:

On January 8th GangGreenMag wrote the Gang Green nation scouting report on Reggie and he has this to say:

Reggie Ragland is one of my favorite LBer prospects coming out this year. He took the reigns from CJ Mosely, and made an immediate impact. Reggie has proven that his bark is indeed bad as his bite. He once played with a broken hand. He had surgery the next morning, and was back at practice without missing any time. I would be surprised if Demario Davis is brought back in the offseason, and David Harris isn't getting any younger. Ragland can come right in and start on our defense. He would bring a much needed boost in coverage when it comes to guys coming out of the backfield, and is tough enough to stand up to the Gronks of the world. I can see Ragland still being on the board when we pick at 20, and it would be hard to pass him up.

I may not be quite as high on Reggie as GGM, but I do like him as a prospect. I also agree with the logic of the selection. He is a lower first round prospect and we do need help inside (as well as help outside). David Harris will probably only last another couple of years, and Demario Davis will be playing somewhere else in 2016. I hope we look to bring back Erin Henderson and or Jamari Lattimore, but if the Jets believe that Reggie is the BPA, then you take him.

Against the run, Ragland is a beast, but I still have question marks about his coverage ability. He's certainly better than anything we have, but it's that aspect of his game that prevents him from going a lot higher. Saying that, he's tough as nails and a natural leaders. He has so many positives to his game and very few negatives. Personally I would 100% support the idea of drafting Reggie.