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Jets Offseason Rumors: Damon Harrison Says He and Jets Have Discussed New Contract

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Jets defensive tackle Damon Harrison was on Sirius XM radio today and indicated he has discussed a new contract with the Jets as transcribed by Connor Hughes

“In a perfect world,” Harrison said, “I would love to be back here.”


Harrison wouldn’t get into too much detail speaking on Sirius in regards to his contract talks with the Jets, other than to say there has been "some talk." What he did speak about is what he himself is looking for in a team. Harrison said he isn’t "money hungry," or simply chasing a big pay day. He wants the right team in the right situation.

It feels like it would be difficult to get Harrison back for next season. One way to do it might have to do with contract structure. While the Jets are tight against the cap in 2016, they do have more flexibility in 2017 and beyond. Only Darrelle Revis would leave more than $3 million in dead money if he was cut. Let's say a new Harrison contract costs $6 million per year. That doesn't necessarily mean his cap hit has to be $6 million each year. The Jets could conceivably work out a deal with a lower 2016 cap hit. It's a pretty common practice. Incidentally, this is why getting Muhammad Wilkerson locked up and lowering his 2016 cap hit below the franchise tag value is such a big deal.