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NY Jets: Looking Back at the 2010 NFL Draft

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Football Focus looked back at the 2010 NFL Draft.

New York Jets

Cumulative grade (four picks): -10.5

Best pick: FB John Conner (round 5, pick 139, 0.0 cumulative grade)

At his best, Conner was a devastating run blocker whose bone-shaking hits you could feel through the television screen. While he has had two stints with the team, the Jets only really harnessed these benefits in 2011 (+6.8).

Worst pick: RB Joe McKnight (round 4, pick 112, -0.2 cumulative grade)

While CB Kyle Wilson (round 1, pick 29, -7.0 cumulative grade) and G Vlad Ducasse (round 2, pick 61, -3.6 cumulative grade) never developed into consistent starters, McKnight saw very little game action and was likely a main reason the Jets felt the need to cut RB Danny Woodhead in 2010.

I would argue McKnight was actually the best of the picks. He at least had a little run where he was an elite kickoff returner in the league. The worst seems clearly like Vladimir Ducasse. This was a second round pick who was only able to crack the starting lineup for four games in four years. He was also so bad in those four games that he was benched for a rookie, Brian Winters, who clearly was not ready.

When we are debating whether an OK blocking fullback or a kickoff returner was the best pick in a Draft class, it probably wasn't so great.

It is worth noting the Jets did trade picks in this class for Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes so the production these players had also should count. In the big picture, though, those additions did little to salvage this class.