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New York Jets: Who Could Use a Change of Scenery

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN asked its NFL beat writers to name a player on their team's roster who could use a change of scenery.

Rich Cimini picked Geno Smith for the Jets.

Former starting quarterback Geno Smith is a classic example of a player who could benefit from a fresh start. The fan base turned on him in 2014, and he never got a chance for redemption because his jaw was broken by a teammate's fist and he lost his job to Ryan Fitzpatrick, who enjoyed a career year.

I have a tough time agreeing with this pick because I do not think there is a single team in the NFL who would offer Geno Smith a starting job right now. At best he'd be competing for a starting job and only in a situation where the quarterback position is dreadful like Cleveland. Whether he stays with the Jets or goes somewhere else, he will have to wait his turn and stay prepared in case his number is called.

The guy I would go with is Jeremy Kerley. He was phased out of the offense. The Jets made a smart move by making Eric Decker their slot receiver in 2015, but it left Kerley without a place on the roster. I think he has been overrated (at times wildly so). He only has one season with more than 600 yard in the NFL. Still, he has shown some ability to play in this league. There certainly is some team out there that could give him a role. That team just is not the Jets.