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ESPN: Dolphins, Bills, and Patriots Have Three Worst Salary Cap Situations in the NFL

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

An ESPN article today ranked the five worst salary cap situations in the NFL. The three worst were the three other teams in the AFC East, the Dolphins, Bills and Patriots.

1. Miami Dolphins

$166.9 million in cap commitments for 2016

2. Buffalo Bills

$166.3 million in cap commitments for 2016

3. New England Patriots

$159.1 million in cap commitments for 2016

A team run by Mike Tannenbaum has the worst cap situation in the league? Shocking!

All joking aside, this money is not all guaranteed. There are cuts and restructures these teams can make to get back under the cap. It does show the extent to which divisional opponents might have a difficult time making significant free agent investments.

As long as the Brady-Belichick duo is in New England, the Pats are going to be very difficult to beat. Are Buffalo and Miami set up for the long haul? Only time will tell.