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Jets vs. Colts: Allen’s 3 TD’s Sum Up Defense this Year

Dwayne Allen came into the game with only two TD’s. He had three in the first half against the Jets. The film tells the story of the 2016 year.

Indianapolis Colts v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

I’ve watched a lot of film this year. The Jets continually make the same mistakes, but what’s interesting is that they are completely avoidable. I have no idea what goes on inside the huddle or practice but something isn’t all. It’s one thing to have a blown assignment, it’s another to see it happen every single week the entire season.

What’s most frustrating is watching the first touchdown. I have no idea whose supposed to cover him. What’s got me is that they seemed to completely change personnel from the first few weeks and yet, the same thing happens.

Colts line up with two WR in tight formation with Allen playing the TE on the left. The FB runs across the line of scrimmage with a single running back. It’s a simple crossing concept with Allen delaying and staying short, a deep crossing route and a medium crossing route. The only non crosser is the FB, who gets double covered.

It’s man coverage across the board with the exception of the deep safety playing the centerfield. Allen blocks and then releases with no one covering him out of the back.

But hey the fullback is covered at least.

This image sums up the Jets 2016 when it comes to blown assignments. Not a single person within 10 yards. As easy as can be.

That’s a completely blown assignment. The next one is more or less Roberts failing to see a play develop and get off the initial read.

Roberts is simply not good. There I said it. I’ve said it for weeks so this isn’t exactly new. He’s been bailed out by poor throws, drops and simply making a tackle (on a guy he probably should have been covered better.) This week should put any doubts about him to bed, he got beat repeatedly. Here he and a safety fail to communicate.

Colts have three wide outs with a tight end to the right. On the left the slot runs a deep post while the outside WR runs an in route. On the near side of the field, it’s two deep outs with one in the endzone and the other (Allen) running shorter and crossing under.

Jets come out with cover 4. There’s four deep with the defensive backs splitting the field into quarters. The three underneath guys all bite on the play action and end up taking a step or two up. No way they will get deep and cut underneath the route.

Here’s where someone shouldl check off an take Allen. The safety is coming over on the deep route and should be able to cut off anything that floats deep sideline. I think Roberts should check to the route in front of him. Instead, two men cover one guy and the TE is wide open.

If you wonder why that’s the corner’s job to cover the tight end instead of the safety, I have you covered. The deep route would need longer hang time for the pass, meaning the safety has a better chance of catching up/ pushing the WR out of bounds if the pass went deep. Because the safety is deeper, I think the corner should have that check. Either way Roberts and the safety both watch as Allen catches the pass and strolls for a touchdown while they double team the deep route.

The Jets executed the game plan of leaving a tight end open to perfection so far. The next one is more or less a good QB making a perfect throw.

This time the Jets actually cover the tight end but Luck looks the safety off and makes a nice throw to Allen.

The Colts line up with two tight ends left, with two WR to the right. They fake the bubble screen on the right with the two tight ends running deep routes. Allen runs the seam while the other runs a wheel route.

Jets are in cover one man. Lee is on Allen. It’s not a terrible job of coverage from that perspective up until the route goes deep. The deep safety never checks his right until it’s pretty much too late. Could he have done better? Probably. Lee probably wishes he played a bit more conservative too on the deep threat.

I know this may seem like a knock on Lee, but in actuality I’m starting to see signs of a very good linebacker starting to form. Sure he gets beaten, but if not for a perfect throw he had the speed to catch up. Not too often you see that in a 3-4 linebacker.

I’ve seen him around the ball a lot more in recent weeks as well. I’m not sure if it’s just the rest of the team looking so bad that Lee looks OK, or whether it’s Lee starting to figure out the game. Either way I’m interested in watching him the next four games. I’m not so much interested in watching the tape, this is tough to re-watch most weeks.