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Jets Week 13 Anti-Game Ball: Todd Bowles

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New York Jets Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets losing is a negative. The Jets losing the way they lost is a major negative. There is one silver lining.

During my pair of recent absences, Smackdad took over this post and changed a few things. Now the anti-game ball returns with its rightful name restored.

The rules of the anti-game ball were made to be broken. Usually I give it to a player. This week I am giving it to the head coach, Todd Bowles. The reason I don’t usually give it to a coach is the same reason I do my best to avoid giving it to the quarterback each week. Whenever you lose, the odds are good the head coach is a primary culprit. You could make a strong argument for the coach after most losses.

This week is a singular exception, though. When issues are this widespread and pronounced, the team was terrible in a special way. From the seeming lack of preparation to the admitted lack of effort at times to the total breakdowns to the lack of composure that led to personal fouls, this was a team-wide meltdown.

If there are issues with a player, I blame the player. If there are issues with the entire team, I blame the coaching.

For that reason, Todd Bowles gets my anti-game ball.