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Bowles Needs To Make Statement By Firing OC Chan Gailey

NFL: International Series-New York Jets Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

24th in yards per game.

29th in total points.

29th in points per game.

27th in passing yards per game.

26th* in passing touchdowns.

Just a small selection of stats that shows our inefficiency and downright futility on offense. Chan has to be held responsible for what the offense is able to muster. If Todd Bowles is going to be given another year to try and sort this mess out, he has to start with a statement of intent by letting go of a coordinator who seems to fallen behind the evolutionary speed of the current game.

The Jets are not creative or imaginative on offense. They don’t surprise anyone and you certainly won’t be seeing any innovation awards come our way. We seem to sit players like Powell when they’re running well, and while other teams are making use of the tight end position (like Dwayne Allen last night), we ignore it and turn our back on it.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has likely thrown his last pass as a Jets QB (barring injury). So now is the time to make the change. If you want to wait until the off-season then that’s absolutely fine. Give the new man a chance to install his game-plan and philosophy with QB’s who are fresh into the fold. Whether that’s Petty who will have a maximum of 5 starts to his name, Hackenberg who has zero, or someone else entirely. Now is not the time to be conservative, it’s the perfect time to be aggressive and innovative.

I haven’t looked at possible offensive coordinators closely yet, but one name that immediately draws interest for me is Tim Drevno at Michigan. A man who’s had success at every stop of his coaching career and who’s worked closely with Jim Harbaugh for over a decade. Although he’s getting more buzz as a potential head coach than a coordinator.

My gut feeling is that Bowles gets another year. If he hopes to maintain his job longer than that, he needs to surround himself with talented innovative coaches. He also needs to send the message that accountability does exist within the building and that he’s willing to make the tough decisions to improve this football team. Right now, what we’re’s not working. If we can’t make an in-game adjustment, lets make an off-field adjustment.