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Jets Fumbled QB Exchange

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Todd Bowles has finally made the decision that should have been made weeks ago. With the Jets sitting at 3-9 and officially eliminated from play-off contention, the call was made to start Bryce Petty over the final month of the season. In fact, it was the plan all along if you believe Todd Bowls.

"The plan was for us to start him the last four games anyway, so we just started a half early" Bowles stated. "We could have won 45-0, and he was going to start the last four games. That's the slot we had penciled in for him. That's a good time to take a look at him."

My question following this statement...Why? We're largely admitting that we need to take a look at him. So why did we pencil in 4 games instead of 5? We've been eliminated from play-off contention for weeks theoretically if not mathematically, so why would we delay taking a look at a QB who is replacing a guy who captained us to a 3-8 record.

Everyone was calling for Petty before the New England game, and everyone continued to call for Petty before the Indianapolis game. The Colts have one of the worst pass defenses in the league, would that have not been a good opportunity to start Petty at home, adding life to the team before they were beaten and broken by Andrew Luck and Dwayne Allen.

Instead the Jets waited until halftime. Then they turned the ball over to Petty in a no win situation, down 24-3 with the stands emptying and the players defeated. With his limited first team reps he was unable to alter the direction of the team and can anyone really blame him? I don't think Petty is the answer but the Jets aren't exactly helping him.

Only the Jets would make a simple hand-off into nationally televised fumble!

Even when the Jets make the right decision, they make the wrong decision!