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Humiliating Loss Should Put Pressure On Bowles

The Jets were humiliated by the Indianapolis Colts on national television, and Bowles job security should come under scrutiny.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Following the embarrassing loss on Monday Night Football, Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles repeatedly said that he was going to come in on Wednesday and see who still wanted to play.

"We're going to see who wants to play. We're going to fight and play until the end and play the guys that want to play"

If the Jets truly are going to play the guys that want to play...we may need to forfeit the 49'ers game, because I didn't see nearly enough effort out there to indicate that we have enough to field a team next week.

I've never been one to be impatient with a Head Coach. Some guys take time to adapt to their new responsibility. We know that Bowles was a good defensive coach in Arizona, and it's a huge shift to become the leader of the franchise rather than an individual unit. But, when your team puts forth an effort and performance like the Jets did Monday, you have to question whether sticking with a coach because it's generally accepted as the "right thing to do" is really the right thing to do.

Once again the Jets had busted coverages. The Colts have a horrible defense, yet we score only 10 points...7 of which came at the end on some very soft coverage. The Colts have a horrible offensive line, yet we recorded only one sack and didn't blitz nearly enough. Revis continues to play despite being one of the worst corners in the league and Bowles sticking with Fitzpatrick to this point shows a lack of accountability on the team. Todd also openly questioned the team's effort. Last week I thought it was a clear indication that the players were still playing for their coach, this week the opposite was true.

As the crowd thinned out halfway through the 3rd quarter, the Jets continued to look desperate and clueless. Petty was introduced into a no-win situation. With limited first team reps he tried to galvanise a team that had already thrown in the towel. Petty was poor, but the game was lost. There was no reason for Fitzpatrick to start this game, another mistake by Bowles.

I said this before and it's becoming more accurate by the week. The Jets are a poorly coached team who lack both discipline and accountability. A complete overhaul is needed if we hope to compete anytime soon. We need a QB, a RB, offensive lineman, linebackers, cornerbacks, safety help.  We definitely need a new offensive coordinator if not a whole new coaching staff.

The Jets are in danger of spiralling downwards into a prolonged era of futility if the direction of the franchise is not altered, and altered quickly. If we are insistent on keeping Bowles for another year, he needs to make big changes to his coaching staff, and he needs to work with Maccagnan to ensure he's getting the perfect players for his system. Right now, I have no idea what his system looks like, and by the looks of the product on the field...neither do the players.

At the end of the day, the coaches can't play the game. They install a game-plan and it's up to the players to execute. If they don't do that, there isn't a lot the coach can do. He can replace ineffective players however, and I'd hope to see a lot of changes next week.

"We're going to see who wants to play. We're going to fight and play until the end and play the guys that want to play"