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Colts 41 Jets 10: Total Humiliation

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets played a miserable game in losing to the Indianapolis Colts tonight at the Meadowlands. The final score was 41-10. This game was utter domination from start to finish. Let’s take a look at some of the things that went wrong.

The Bad

Todd Bowles: Whenever there is such utter failure on the field, the coaching has to take a hit. We saw a little bit of everything. The total breakdowns in coverage that plagued this team early in the season returned in a big way. The team played undisciplined football, collecting three dead ball personal foul penalties in the first half. At some point, this probably should have earned players benchings. They didn’t. It got so bad that the ESPN announcers started questioning the team’s effort. This was as ugly as it gets.

Darrelle Revis: It’s pretty sad to watch a guy who was so great fall so far. Revis was once again torched in this game. From watching these games, I get the feeling this goes beyond physical decline. Revis just looks like he is playing lazy coverage. We know he doesn’t have the speed to press on every play, but with the cushions he is giving and lack of willingness to mix it up as a tackler, it seems like he isn’t even trying to contest some of these plays.

Darryl Roberts: He was torched all over the field. One of the early Colts touchdowns was a total bust in coverage that was his responsibility. Then late in the game with things hopelessly out of hand he decided to showboat on an incompletion he had nothing to do with.

Sheldon Richardson: His biggest contribution might have been the personal foul penalty he took.

Muhammad Wilkerson: The star looked invisible again for most of the game. If you watch closely, it seems like his motor isn’t exactly on high for every snap.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: He presumably has thrown his last pass as a Jet. Fittingly, it was an interception. It was an ugly one. There easily could have been another pick six. He only completed 5 passes before his halftime benching.

Austin Sefarian-Jenkins: He had a shot at a touchdown but failed to high point the ball in the end zone.

Robby Anderson: He did have a 40 yard touchdown, but he left a number of other potentially big plays on the field.

Offensive Line: There were plenty of blown assignments, and Breno Giacomini contributed one of the personal fouls.

Buster Skrine: He was also beaten consistently and committed the first of the personal fouls.

Bryce Petty: We will see what four weeks of first team reps in practice bring, but Petty looked like every bit the project one would expect, locking onto reads, looking shaky mechanically, and making poor decisions. He was only 11 of 25 and was lucky to leave the game with 2 interceptions.


I could praise a few players like Leonard Williams, but this loss was so brutal that it is difficult to take anything positive away.