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AFC Playoff Picture: Jets Loss to Colts Officially Eliminates Team From Playoff Contention

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

You knew five games into the season if not earlier that the Jets were not going to make the Playoffs. I certainly did not need to tell you coming into this game that the Jets were not going to make the Playoffs.

Tonight the Jets were officially eliminated from Playoff contention. They made sure they went out with an exclamation point in a 31 point humiliation to the Colts.

Of course, it is one thing to go down the way the Jets did a week ago, playing a spirited game but falling just short against an elite opponent. Getting run out of your own building on national television by the Colts is quite another.

This makes it six straight seasons the Jets have missed the Playoffs. Unlike last year, there was no drama surrounding it.

For weeks, the only question around the team would be how high it would pick in the Draft. If tonight is any indication, very high.