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Mock 2017 NFL Draft Round-Up

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

You know me, I love the NFL Draft. However even I find it extremely discouraging that we've still got over a month of the regular season to go and we're talking NFL Draft. However when you're 3-8, that's the reality of your situation. Imagine how the Cleveland Browns feel!

Matt and myself are busy writing up prospect profiles ahead of the Bowl season to bring you some players to watch. However I wanted to have a look at the early mocks today to see who pundits are projecting to the Jets.

Here's one thing I love and one thing I hate about the 2017 NFL Draft for the Jets right now. We have so many glaring weaknesses, we could go anywhere. Outside of defensive line, I don't think there is one position group we don't require help with. QB? Absolutely. RB? Matt isn't going to be around forever. Offensive line? Yes please. Linebackers? Don't we always! CB? Well the island is shut for business, so we better.

Here are the initial mocks and their thoughts on the Jets, along with my own first round selection at the bottom.

Walter Football

Leonard Fournette - RB - LSU

I'd love to give the Jets a quarterback at No. 5 overall, but there are no other first-rounders available at the position. And yes, I'm aware that I haven't listed Deshaun Watson yet. Multiple teams, including those that don't need a signal-caller, have told us that they grade Watson in the second or third round. Thus, Watson could drop during the 2017 NFL Draft, much like Teddy Bridgewater did a couple of years ago. Charlie Campbell was the first to report that most teams didn't have Bridgewater as a first-round prospect - even before Bridgewater's pro day - and he's the first to say the same about Watson.

With that in mind, I'm giving the Jets the top player available, and that would be Leonard Fournette. Matt Forte had played well before battling the Patriots, but he's just a temporary solution at running back. New York's offense would improve tremendously with Fournette in the backfield. Fournette is too good to pass on, as he would've been considered the top running back prospect since Adrian Peterson if it weren't for Todd Gurley.

Draft Site

Jabrill Peppers - S/OLB - Michigan

Saturday Blitz

Leonard Fournette - RB - LSU

Matt Forte will be 31 next week, but he’s signed through 2018 for some reason. The Jets are going to realize they overpaid for an aging running back who will produce less and less over the next two seasons and that might lead them to draft Leonard Fournette here.

Fournette is the top running back in the class and he is as elusive as they come. If you’re looking for the next Ezekiel Elliott, look no further. In fact, I think this kid might even be more talented than Elliott is.

Despite the ankle injury that has held him back this season, Fournette looks to be the next big star running back in the NFL.

Draft Tek

Mitch Trubisky - QB - North Carolina

The Jets bounced back a little against a depleted Patriots' team, but still managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Ryan Fitzpatrick played one of his better games this season. For a CB once called "Revis Island", it's starting to look like he couldn't cover a guy in a phone booth. On this most-recent evidence, it may seem a little strange to be taking QB Mitch Trubisky here over one of the top rated CB's. With the season lost and Todd Bowles' persistence in keeping Fitzpatrick in as starter over Petty, it may suggest that the Jets' brass aren't sold on the former RD4 pick. With Petty and Hackenberg as the only QBs on the roster for 2017, and the uncertainty over both, taking a QB here could be a wise move and one we can't afford to pass up.

Draft Utopia

Desmond King - CB - Iowa

The Jets need a cornerback like Desmond King. King has 7 deflections from pass breakups in 2016. King is my top cornerback for good reason as he did an awesome job keeping Jehu Chesson in check during Iowa's upset win over Michigan. King has accepted an invite to the 2017 Senior Bowl.

USA Today

Jabrill Peppers - S/OLB - Michigan

The Jets have a stout defensive front, but they need more playmakers in the back seven. Peppers is arguably the best athlete in the entire class, and coach Todd Bowles would have a blast figuring out different ways to deploy him.

Sporting News

Jalen Tabor - CB - Florida

While offensive line is their most desperate need, the 2017 draft class may be one of the weakest at the position in the last decade. The Jets have gone to the defensive back well frequently over the last five years, but Todd Bowles needs elite cornerbacks to allow his defense to thrive. Tabor could (optimistically) be Bowles Patrick Peterson in New York.


Marlon Humphrey - CB - Alabama

Alabama’s Marlon Humphrey is my favorite cornerback in this draft, but he could certain be picked after one or two others. His ability to get after the ball is second to no-one in this class, and he has incredible hands for someone that plays in the defensive backfield. He is the son of a former NFL running back, and just has that kind of tenacity that would play well in New York. Adding Humphrey to the secondary could take some of the pressure off Revis, who is no longer an elite player.

SB Nation

Dalvin Cook - RB - Florida State

This is another team that's in trouble because of the lack of quality offensive linemen high in next year's draft. The Jets have been a mess at quarterback, but they do have two young players in Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg that the front office obviously likes. So instead of a quarterback, the Jets could add a dynamic running back like Cook. Cook over Leonard Fournette would be like Edgerrin James getting picked before Ricky Williams in 1999. But Cook is good enough, and Fournette's durability this season could make this a reality in April.

CBS Sports

Jabrill Peppers - S/OLB - Michigan

Now as the Jets' head coach and previously as the defensive coordinator in Arizona, Todd Bowles has prioritized versatility in his players. Linebacker, safety, cornerback, returner - put him wherever you would like - Peppers is a natural playmaker with the instincts and athleticism to carry over his success and versatility into the NFL.

My Take

I was wondering if Dalvin Cook was going to come up and sure enough it was our very own SB Nation who had him mocked to the Jets. I love Fournette, but whoever picks him will need to be sold on his injury clearance. I wouldn't have a problem with any of these selections, Jabrill Peppers is the best player in the draft for me, so I'm not sure he's lasting until the 5th selection (our current one).

I like Desmond King and have all the time in the world for Mitch Trubisky, I just don't think he'll make it past both the Browns and Bears. There is a distinct lack of offensive lineman on this list, which is probably due to the fact that most draft heads don't believe the class is all that strong. However I firmly believe that if Wisconsin's Ryan Ramczyk elects for the draft, he'll wow in his pre-draft work and climb into top 15 consideration.

If I had free choice to make a selection, I'd elect for Jabrill Peppers and then look to strengthen the offensive line in the 2nd,3rd and 4th rounds.